The TALPI, hereinafter referred to as the Association, recognizes the vital importance of the willingness of its members to always act with honesty and integrity. Members will operate within the letter and spirit of applicable laws and decency. Members will bring appropriate skills and capability to every client or customer assignment and will remain objective in forming professional opinions, findings and the advice they render. Members will remain committed to fair business practices and will ensure they receive appropriate fees that accurately reflect the value of the services provided. Guided by the basic truth that it is never right to do wrong and never wrong to do right, the Association adopts the following Code of Ethics and mandates its strict observance as a binding condition of membership in or affiliation with the TALPI.

Enumerated Code of Ethics

  1. A member shall perform professional services in accordance with the law and the highest moral principles.
  2. A member shall not engage in any illegal activity or unethical conduct, or any activity which would constitute a conflict of interest.
  3. A member shall exhibit the highest level of integrity in the performance of all assignments and will accept only assignments for which there is a reasonable expectation that the assignment will be completed with professional competence.
  4. A member shall comply with lawful orders of the courts and will testify, when required, to matters truthfully and without bias or prejudice.
  5. A member shall reveal all material matters discovered during the course of an investigation which, if omitted, would cause a distortion of the facts.
  6. A member shall not maliciously injure the reputation or practice of competitors, colleagues, clients or customers.
  7. A member shall safeguard confidential or sensitive information and will exercise due care to prevent improper disclosure or misuse of the information. Any member who knows, or has reasonable grounds to believe, that another member has failed to conform to the Association’s Code of Ethics will report such promptly to the TALPI President.