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    When you need to know, call on us.

    We are the members of the Tennessee Association of Licensed Professional Investigators. We will find the answers quickly, quietly and discreetly. Our licensed private investigators are certified and adhere to the highest code of conduct. You can rest assured that all information will remain confidential and results accurate. Whenever you are seeking investigative services, our private investigators will solve your life's mysteries.

    We investigate:

    • Insurance Fraud

    • General Investigations

    • Missing Persons

    • Background Checks

    • Child Custody Disputes

    • Corporate Theft Investigations

    • Domestic Disputes

    • Electronic Surveillance

    • Skip Trace

    • Traffic Accident Investigations

    • Product Liability

    • Personal Injury

    • Elder Abuse

    • Accident Reconstructions

    • Malpractice

    • Asset Checks

    • Adoptee Family History

    • Computer Crimes

    • Drunk Driving Defense

    • Illegal Drug Trafficking

    • Industrial Investigations

    • Trial Preparation

    • Workers Compensation

    • Criminal Investigations

    • Bank Account Fraud

    • Process Serving

    Our Values

    TALPI is a self-regulating group of independent private investigators who strive to increase awareness and educate the public about investigative services in Tennessee. TALPI conscientiously offers information about ground breaking investigative methods and technology through continuing education courses and monthly meetings.