Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I used to be a Paid Annual TALPI member and had an account on the old TAPLI site but can’t log-in now. Also, “Password Reset” is not working.

A: Due to a limitation on the previous provider’s system, we were unable to convert member data to the new system for members who were not paid up at the time of the switch to the new platform (end of July, 2021). We emphasize with you if you were effected but it was something beyond our control and changing systems was in the best interest of the TALPI Membership.

To solve the issue, you may either join TALPI and enter your information from scratch (as a new member, which will require approval – but it will be prompt) or send a technical support request via the contact form which includes your email address, TN PI License number, and current address). In the latter solution, we will set up your account, email you a password reset link, and make it so you can bypass the approval process (provided you were a former member). Once successfully logged in, you will be able to process your membership renewal, register for the conference at members rates as well as edit your account information anytime.


Q: Can I pay using a credit card if I don’t have a PayPal account?

A: Yes! On the papal payment screen, look for a link or button to “Continue as Guest” or some similar message. PayPal sometimes uses different messaging based on which browser is being used or other factors.

Q: I want to purchase multiple Conference Registrations for several people in my office. How can I do that?

A: All attendees must register individually (and create an account on the system in the process where receipts can be downloaded, etc). Also, when you register for the next event or decide to join TALPI, your data will be there.

Q: Is it safe to use my credit card on the TALPI site?

A: Yes. All payments and interactions related to the payments are handled by the PayPal payment processor. Your credit card information is never entered into nor stored on the TALPI site (so it can’t be compromised). After payment, the TALPI site is notified if the payment was successful, and then the account status is updated automatically. PayPal is a leading payment processor with industry-leading recognized cybersecurity processes in place. You may visit for more details on their site security.